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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Night Photography

I know that this is not a wow shot. In fact, I wouldn't even lump it in with the shots of mine that I consider 'good.' However, it is my first attempt at a night exposure when I had somewhat of an idea of what I was doing. I was going to do a shot in manual mode, but my remote seems to need a battery. So I did it in aperture mode and let the camera choose the shutter speed (of course, I had to touch the camera). I hope to do some more of these as soon as I get a battery for my remote and hopefully get some really cool stuff.

Oh, does anyone know what the bright white star in the center is? It was in the western sky.

Click on comments to see camera settings.


Alvis said...

Nikon D40, Aperture: F22, Focal: 31mm, Exposure: 30 sec, 200 ISO, No flash, white balance: manual

KathyUSA said...

Neat shot. I've been looking to buy a new camera but don't have big bucks. Do you like your D40?

I've tagged you for 6 random things on my site.

Alvis said...

Kathy, I love my D40. Although it has been succeeded(?) by the D40X and the D60 I would still choose it today. For one thing, it coast less than the D60. Also, Ritz Camera Online did have a deal where you could buy a D40 with the kit lens (18-55) and also get an 55-200. I think the price was $500 or $600. You check and see if they still have it.

Alvis said...

It also 'cost' less.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the camera info. I can't wait to get one. The snap-shot is driving me crazy.

Jazemaze said...

I think its cool.. Not everyone can capture night shots like you do..