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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Picture a Day For a Year

I am starting another photoblog in addition to this one. I have titled it '365 Days of Photo' (yes, I know there is no S at the end of Photo).

I have heard of this before, taking a picture every day for a year, and have been contemplating doing it for a while. Traditionally, I'm not very good at finishing projects I start, but I hope to finish this one.

I'm keeping 365 Days of Photo separate from Life As I Know It because the focus of Life is on photography as an art form and my attempts to improve at it. The focus of 365 Days of Photo is to just take a photo a day for 365 days in a row and document my year.

When I started Life As I Know It, I talked about photography and snapshots and figuring out what makes them different. In my quest to grow as a photographer, I forgot that sometimes it's the snapshots that help us record our memories, regardless of the perceived artistic value of the photograph. However, 365 Days of Photo and Life may overlap from time to time if I've taken a photograph I really like that day.

To see more about Project 365 and to see examples, follow the link: Project 365.
365 Days of Photo

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