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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lake Pictures

Here are three photos I took in the same place.


Mark said...

This is a cool idea.

The top picture is a snapshot, because it's merely a representation of what the eye saw when the veiwer was standing there, head straight up and straight ahead. The scene is split almost perfectly in half by the tree line. This normally is to be avoided. Also, the posts, an element with much potential the way they're laid out, don't really serve much purpose in the photo itself because there's so much dead space to the right of them allowing the viewer's eye to roam.

The middle one gets close to art because the camera is tilted downward and the posts are starting to direct the eye. It still gives us an idea what's on the opposite side of the water. Also, the posts start a little right of center and we have no dead space between the posts and the bottom of the photo. The posts start right of directing the eye.

The bottom one has some advantages, too. I'm not sure exactly why, but the posts don't get lost in the trees' reflections as quickly, giving them more of a "lane" down which to lead the viewer's eye. The posts start very close to the center and there's a little dead space between the first posts and the bottom of the photo.

Wow. That was fun. I usually only get to look at my own photos that way. Seeing someone else's "almost made it" pictures is cool.

Mark said...

That should be "start right off directing the eye."

Tracy P. said...

It makes such a big difference when you get all of that light from the sky out of there--I much prefer the saturation of the third one. Cool!